I know there are so many blogs about women’s experiences during pregnancy, but I personally can’t read enough of them! Every woman has such a unique pregnancy and sometimes you find that you have some symptoms that you’ve never heard of and just want to know if anyone else experienced that too and if it’s normal. 

I’ve been keeping a digital pregnancy journal which I designed myself to keep track of all my appointments, symptoms and any other relevant information during pregnancy. Of course, you can find those online to download or just buy one from a library. You can find many beautiful ones on Etsy and they can even personalise them for you. 

My first trimester was quite different compared to other women – first of all, no nausea or vomiting! You might say “How lucky is she?!”, but I did experience many other symptoms such as bloating, severe intestinal cramps, being super tired and actually act like a vegetable around the house (couldn’t do any cleaning, cooking or even going out). It was so important that my partner was so helpful during this time, he cooked for me, cleaned the house and made sure he can make my first trimester as easier as possible for me. 

After the second trimester started, things changed completely. My energy was back, I was even up for baking and felt like I could do anything. My symptoms were barely any, from an occasional nosebleed to occasional bloating, but nothing compared to the first trimester! 

I started feeling my little one move around 19 weeks and since then have felt movements every single day, this has been my main “symptom” during the second trimester. 

Other symptoms during the 2nd trimester: no more hair growing on my legs (the most important symptom 😅), occasional backaches, uncomfortable sleep due to only sleeping on the left side and bump getting bigger. 

The only “similarity” in both trimesters is that I got a cold in each of them and they both were as bad, lasting almost two weeks. If you get a cold during pregnancy, make sure to keep an eye on your body temperature as getting the flu can be dangerous to the unborn baby (I admit I was crazy about checking my temperature every other day throughout the whole pregnancy). Having a cold just makes you feel miserable especially since certain medications are not recommended to be taken during pregnancy, but it doesn’t harm the baby in any way.

The key is to trust your body and if there’s anything you’re worried about, don’t hesitate to contact your midwife or obstetrician. During my second trimester, I got a severe pain on the left side of my back and it was impossible for me to lay down to sleep at night, so we had to rush to the hospital. I was checked for baby’s development, taken blood tests and had a kidney scan to check for any infections. Fortunately it was nothing serious! But it is always better to be safe than sorry – during a pregnancy you worry about so many things and being stressed can affect both you and your baby, so anything you can do to make the stress go away, go ahead and do it.

Overall I feel like I’ve been very lucky with how my second trimester has gone. Of course I miss certain cheeses, alcohol, runny eggs, smoked salmon, tiramisu, certain seafood and many other things that are not recommended to be consumed during pregnancy, but otherwise it’s been truly positive. 

Roll on the third and final trimester…

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