I absolutely love travelling! I’ve visited quite a few places around the world and I plan to travel to many more with my partner and the baby in the future – we even have a holiday planned in August already for the three of us.

As I was pregnant in my second trimester during the winter time, I wanted to go somewhere fairly close but warmer than home, so we chose Barcelona. We’d gone there twice before and it has become one of our favourite places to visit. 

I had never been scared of flying, but somehow the pregnancy hormones managed to install a feeling of fear in me. I read it happens during pregnancy and it normally goes away after birth, so let’s hope that will be the case! My baby was fine during both flights, moving around and reassuring me that all is well. It is recommended to wear compression socks, but I did try them on and felt so uncomfortable that I took them off after 10 minutes as I didn’t want to make it even worse. The flight lasted for about 3 hours and I tried to walk around and move my legs every half an hour to avoid any blood clots. When we landed in Barcelona I had an uncontrollable nosebleed and realised that this mainly happens due to the dry air in planes (humidity can get as low as 20% in a plane 😨), so during our flight back, I asked the cabin crew for a plastic cup with some hot water and a cloth to breath from it. This helped so much as I had absolutely no issues during the return flight.

TIP: If you fly with a low-cost airline or you have to pay for seats to sit together with your partner, you can always just ask the cabin crew to help with sitting together as you are pregnant. We did this both flights and the cabin crew was always helpful and found us seats next to each other.

I must admit I didn’t eat very much during this holiday as I was afraid that some dishes contained ingredients that I’m not supposed to eat during pregnancy. Also, fish should only be limited to two portions a week. I did eat a lot of fruit though. I craved fruit so much during this pregnancy!

Barcelona was wonderful as always, even though it was December, temperatures were between 16 – 20°C, perfect for walking around and enjoying our last holiday before becoming three.

Can’t wait for our next holiday together in August!

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  1. My wife loves sushi.
    My wife and I went to Japan for a holiday.
    My wife was 5 months pregnant.
    My wife didn’t eat any sushi.
    My wife loves sushi.

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