I became a pescatarian in August 2017 – it happened overnight and since then I’ve never eaten any other meat besides fish (at least not by choice, mistakes occurred when I ate food that contained meat without being aware of it 😅).

There wasn’t a specific reason why I chose this lifestyle, but I guess the main one was the fact that I just really disliked the taste of meat in my mouth. At the same time, meat in supermarkets isn’t really healthy nowadays as a lot of chemicals are being used to improve its taste and extend its shelf life. Also in most cases animals raised for meat continue to receive routine, preventive doses of antibiotics which has contributed to the rise of super-bugs (antibiotic resistant bacteria) that may be passed to humans through the consumption of meat. 

Since I’ve started with my pescatarian diet, I’ve been very happy about many aspects of my health. My teeth have become stronger and healthier, I’ve opened myself up to the variety of other foods and tried so many new recipes and I’m just feeling better and healthier in general. When I tell my family about some of the foods I eat, they have no idea what I’m talking about and to be honest I was the same when I ate meat. My mother still thinks I only eat vegetables and she finds it very difficult to cook for me when I visit her.

My partner and I never cook meat at home anymore, except fish, but if we go to a nice restaurant, he sometimes has a steak or a burger. That only happens about once a month though as he doesn’t really miss meat either.

Depending on where you live, there’s so much choice nowadays to eat out some amazing vegetarian or pescatarian food, even if you eat meat too. Also, if you’d like some ideas of what you can eat or you’re just curious, follow me on Instagram to see some of the recipes that I cook at home.

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