I’ve been thinking for the past week if I should write a blog post about COVID-19 and just yesterday decided that I will. I feel like we all need to make each other aware of the situation and understand how bad it is.

I know the society tells us not to panic, but I feel like this is the exact time to panic and use this panic in order to stay home, wash our hands and practice social distancing. It is that easy, but if not everyone does it, the number of people infected will go up and at a higher rate than ever.

Being pregnant and due any time now, I am of course concerned about what is going to happen. Some few studies (too few for now) have shown that pregnant women are not more vulnerable to the virus and that children under 9 years old have only had mild symptoms of the virus, with no fatalities. This is of course relieving, but it is still a concern. Nowadays if you are giving birth in a hospital, visitors are not allowed and in some countries not even the dad is. I agree with no visitors, but having a pregnant woman going alone through labour and birth without any support from someone she knows is heartbreaking. Postpartum can be very difficult too and a nurse won’t be able to help 24/7.

At the same time, the concerns come after the birth too. There are already shortages of nappies, formula milk and wipes. Close family might not be able to visit the new baby for weeks or months depending on the virus situation and social distancing.

I feel like many people are in denial of the situation so far and until they don’t realise that what’s happening is real and extremely concerning, we won’t get back to normality any time soon.

It’s frustrating looking over the window and seeing kids playing together outside, people walking holding hands, and elderly with shopping bags. If we are told to stay home, then that’s what we need to do, not just for our safety, but for everyone’s. COVID-19 symptoms can appear 2 to 14 days after one gets infected, and for a lot of people those symptoms may be very mild, however one can still spread the virus onto other people. I for one couldn’t live with myself knowing that I have infected someone else and that that person might be a high risk. 

I am no one to tell anyone what to do, but I hope people understand that it’s not just their own concern what they do in this situation, but everyone’s. I also don’t understand why people who recently travelled can’t follow a simple rule and self-isolate for 14 days – this is crucial as this virus has spread worldwide from people travelling. We are in this together and together we need to fight back, and that just means to STAY HOME, WASH YOUR HANDS and DON’T GET INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT YOUR HOUSEHOLD.

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