Note: Our baby arrived on 31st March and due to a difficult labour and recovery, I wasn’t able to do much, including writing new blogs. But more on that next time!

Heartburn, insomnia, pelvic pain… On top of all these, a million things to do and prepare before the baby arrives!

I am incredibly lucky to have had such a supportive partner during my pregnancy – not only he took care of me and took over many tasks around the house, but he’s been with me to every single appointment, every single antenatal class and watched and read every single baby and birth related video and book. All these helped me feel less anxious about the birth and caring for a newborn as I knew that if I wasn’t able to do something or forget how to, my partner will be there to help out and will know exactly what to do. We are both very lucky as well to work from home so that we can share the baby and household duties.

Before the baby arrived though there were several things that I had to deal with on my own and it was getting harder day by day. I had many food cravings that I wasn’t allowed to satisfy, crazy heartburn at night, baby kicking non-stop as soon as I laid down, the urge to urinate every 15 minutes and pelvic pain every time I stood up. All these resulted in insomnia, even though I felt very tired. In order to deal with these symptoms, I tried to have a healthy and balanced diet, wear a pregnancy belt during the day and cease to drink anything a couple of hours before bedtime. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, but at least I was able to take naps during the day.

The nesting was also real, I kept washing, cleaning and organising to make sure everything is ready for when the baby comes. I had a list with all the things I needed to finish before birth and that also included freezing meals for when we come home from the hospital as I knew no one will be feeling like cooking for at least the first week at home! The hospital bags and car seat were ready by week 36, so at least that put my mind at ease. 

My pregnancy is over now and our baby is here, safe and sound!

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